A natural approach and walk through of how to increase fertility

Having a baby can be the most rewarding experience of your life


trying to conceive can be the most frustrating part of your life right now 


In my 16 years of experience in a Complementary Health Practice I have come to the conclusion that understanding the menstrual cycle increases the ability to conceive. 



Did you know that there are many factors that can influence your fertility?

This can range from common factors like age to Vitamin D deficiency. 




A Mental – and – Emotional approach is the best way to balance the body and prepare the body for a baby – Address all of these and your chances are increased significantly to fall pregnant


If you are reading this, you are most likely at the stage in your life where you are seeing how your friends are falling pregnant easily and suddenly you are seeing babies and strollers EVERYWHERE.


Having a baby is something most people dream of for a long time, or even if they had not consciously had such a great desire, usually after a miscarriage people realise how much they want a baby. It can reveal a great void in one’s life.


Not understanding the physiology of your body and not treating any imbalances it in can lead you to struggle for years to fall pregnant.


“By the time I reached Dr Debbie I was already trying to conceive for 2
years with numerous fertility treatments and laparoscopes for
endometriosis stage 4.
Within a half hour after Dr Debbie diagnosed me I learnt more about my
health than I had my entire life. I had a number of imbalances in my
as well as a candida overgrowth – no wonder it was so hard to get
She suggested a wholesome diet with warming foods, treated my
endometriosis with Chinese herbs and explained a more holistic approach
to fertility. This for me was a lifestyle change involving yoga and
meditation to deal with my work stress.
I fell pregnant 10 months later. Today, at the age of 42 and 8 years
later, I am the proud mom of 4 children.

I have been in a Functional Medicine Holistic practice for over 16 years helping patients to fall pregnant and I fully understand how treating the underlying cause is of utmost importance. I had a patient who had been struggling to fall pregnant for four years before consulting me. One of her symptoms was candida. After we cleared the candida she easily had her baby. In fact, her fourth child is a year old now. She conceived the other 3 children very easily.

With modern medical advances that can really help with increasing your chances of conceiving, the downside would be the cost of specialist consultations, treatments and the side effects of the medications. Besides the financial cost of having specialized procedures is also the cost on your relationship. Trying for a baby can be very hard on the relationship. There is also the physical cost of the effects of these interventions on your body and your emotions.


In school we were told really only the basics about conception – the egg and sperm story. A deeper understanding of how your hormones work will increase your chances by giving you clear information on how what you do affects your fertility and general well-being. When you understand that your hormones work like an orchestra and need to be in tune in a very special way, you will start to detect any imbalances in the body, and treat these accordingly.


The other big problem can be to know too much rather than too little. What I often see happen, is that people research supplements to “help fertility” and before they know it they are taking over a dozen tablets, some of which might not be necessary and worse, some of them might be causing harm.


Diet is also one of the most overlooked areas affecting fertility. Partly because medical specialists only have the minimum of nutritional training in their studies. I want to show you how food choices are affecting your fertility everyday.



This program is designed to be simple and easy to understand so that you can relate to the physiology in the body. Even though there is so much information on the web, you still need to do a lot of searching to put it all together and this can lead to confusion. In this program all the information is put together in such a way that you will be able to understand and follow it easily to increase your chances of conception by following balanced nutritional advice. Knowing what to do in a step-by-step approach, with a checklist, will make this journey easier and speed the process up.

16 years of my experience of what works are in this program. 

Some people go straight to IVF thinking it is the answer to it all. However, if your body is not in balance your chances of conceiving through this method will be reduced. Understanding how to prepare the body is the best way to improve your chances for conception. It is also very easy to get overwhelmed when you read all the (often conflicting) information available on the internet, especially if you are looking for a quick solution instead of looking at what the underlying problem is, for example blood sugar disorders, endometriosis, and then addressing these to solve the problem. As a last resort donor eggs might be considered for fertility and even if that is a last resort, the better your body is prepared the easier it would be to fall pregnant. So you can see very clearly that good health on all levels is crucial. Never forget that each person is unique, and there is no single solution that would work for everyone.


There are so many tools and reasons that you can investigate for increasing your chances of becoming more fertile.



This program is for you if:

  • You want to understand how your hormones work, and the most effect steps for you to follow to increase your fertility.
  • You have just started on the journey of fertility and would like to understand more to improve your chances of conceiving.
  • You have been “around the block” but are still not falling pregnant – a whole chapter is dedicated to unexplained infertility and specialised testing that your gynaecologist or fertility specialist would be unlikely to have done.
  • You want to fall pregnant either naturally or increase your chances with IVF.
  • You are dreaming of holding your baby in your arms for the first time and receiving cuddles and hugs, you will learn how you can increase your chances of success.
  • You are about to embark on a very expensive IVF procedure and want to increase your chances.
  • You are blaming yourself for not falling pregnant, not realising it could be something in your environment preventing you from falling pregnant.


The complete approach includes the medical and complementary, physical, mental and emotional aspect of health.

This complete course has been designed to keep everything in mind from the basics to the more advanced aspects of physiology. An understanding of what to do to increase your fertility significantly. A completely comprehensive approach. It is not just snippets of information but detailed discussions about every aspect to increase your fertility. 

How does it work?

  • You will receive 12 modules on how to increase fertility. It includes the medical approach, anatomy and physiology, supplementation, reasons for not falling pregnant and how to overcome infertility. It not only gives you information into problems and conditions like endometriosis but also gives you the information on how to solve it, and where to go to find effective help.
  • Some people have probably told you to just stop stressing and you will have a baby, or they have told you “get a puppy then you will fall pregnant”. This is not the most useful thing to hear. In this course I teach you how to deal with stress in a variety of ways. The course includes videos showing you the cycles and explaining them; physiology; how to manage stress. Also there are tools that you can use to change your physiology very quickly in fact in a matter of a few minutes.

After holding my first nephew for the first time and understanding deep joy I decided to put all this valuable information together to help more people increase their fertility.

In my practice I have experienced at first hand the emotions of patients who battled to fall pregnant and have seen how much they were struggling.

I realised that consultation times alone were not sufficient to discuss every aspect of health with them and the important details are sometimes overlooked, even when spending 45 minutes with a patient during their initial consultation. I also realised that the patient who was succesful in falling pregnant followed a multi-faceted approach, addressing their infertility from all angles. I put all this information together for you so you can find all the information you need in one place, and in your own time.


What are some interesting facts about fertility that will be discussed in detail ?

1.  The success rate of the majority of IVF procedures is around 40 percent for women under 35 (it gets worse as you get older), and the rate fluctuates wildly from clinic to clinic because their protocols are all slightly different. At significant cost financially and on the body, it is best, to increase the chances by improving the body’s function as a whole first.

2.  Some research has pointed out that if you have the correct weight you are four times more likely to fall pregnant. Without going on a yo-yo diet I show you how you can achieve this.

3. In a recent study, women who checked their cervical mucus consistently were 2.3 times more likely to get pregnant over a six-month period – indicating again that knowing yourself and your body, how it works, and what signals it is giving you is so important.


With all the information you will receive you will have the best chance of conceiving and carrying to full term.

How and when will you get the program?

The program is in a downloadable format. You will receive a confirmation email once you have subscribed.

You will receive the whole program at once.

It is advisable to start with the chapters on why you are not able to fall pregnant yet, the understanding of how your hormones work. You can then decide which chapter is most important for you and start reading there first. The e-book is designed for you to “pick and choose”, and it is not necessary for you to read it in the order in which it is presented, making even the book more personal for you.


Investment for the program

IVF procedures and medical treatments are very costly. In some countries these costs are not covered at all by the medical insurance. If you consider the cost of a consultation either a fertility specialist, gynaecologist or natural heatlh care practitioner and how much time is spent during that first treatment and the follow up appointments 

If you consider how much time you would need to invest to get all the information in one place that explains it in easy terms

With over 16 years experience in my Functional Medicine practice I know what works and have gathered all this information for you 

An investment of 150 dollars will help you get to your goal of becoming pregnant more easily.